Custom Cardboard Packaging

Chipboard boxes also are referred to as cardboard or paperboard boxes. Chipboards are crafted from thick hundred percent recycled paper. Custom Boxes Web can make these boxes in a whole lot of distinctive thickness variations, from very skinny to very thick and anything in between. The thickness of custom cardboard or paperboard boxes is determined consistent with the character of their use. Moreover, we always give you immense options to choose from. Therefore, no matter what the size of the box is, we will give you tons of options to make your ideal box. We not only stop there but, also have a whole team who are ready to give you the pieces of advice you need.

Custom Boxes Web can offer you custom cardboard packaging at wholesale rates. Our first-class is much better than the custom retail packaging that you may locate elsewhere. The purpose is that we’ve got first-class control mechanisms and teams. Our organization discards all defective produced custom paperboard packaging boxes. Hence, we promote quality over quantity. It is important for us to improve our quality always. Moreover, there is no need to worry when it comes to the material because we use the best and most durable material.



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One of the great matters about cardboard packaging is that it’s far eco-friendly and it’s also low cost. You also can create multiple layouts of your custom chipboard boxes with ease. We additionally offer you a whole lot of distinctive services. Such as free shipping everywhere in the United States on your custom cardboard boxes. You can save a whole lot of money in terms of the long-time period use of chipboard on your packaging needs. Therefore, Custom Boxes Web offers you the best boxes and packaging options for a lower price. We also have free shipping so that the user can establish a good relationship with us. We also do this so that the customer can know that we are a reliable and authentic company that works for the betterment.

You will have many distinctive coatings performed to make your custom paperboard packaging boxes appearance more appealing. These coatings will offer your packaging a more stylish appearance. Some of the add-on alternatives you could use are as followed: Matte: This gives your custom chipboard packaging a fantastically stylish end. You can pick out distinctive shades to match your designs and logos. You could make your box’s appearance more luxurious through this end. Spot UV: This end offers your cereal packaging pages a completely unique shine. Spot UV facilitates your packaging from humidity and the dangerous rays of the solar as well. Many high-end manufacturers use this coating due to the fact it can assist your product look extra luxurious.

Different types of coating layers for custom chipboard packaging boxes

We never run out of ideas not suggestions for our customers. Therefore, it is crucial that we give them all the types of different options for their satisfaction. Linen Stock: For custom cardboard boxes wholesale, linen stock is available in handy while you need to provide it a highly-priced and smooth touch. It is a fantastically smooth material; however, it gives your custom chipboard packaging with a logo with a first-class feel. Furthermore, it feels smooth and makes shades appealing.

Gloss: The gloss coating affords a unique shine to your revealed paperboard packaging, which makes its appearance greater attractive. It won’t simply make your product packaging appearance good; it’ll additionally eliminate the cliché appearance from them in no time. If you need the excellent bang for your buck at less expensive rates, you could contact us. Our professional designers offer a 360-degree strategy for all of your custom paperboard packaging needs.